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Help your team’s process knowledge by allowing us time to come into your lunch room! Did you know we offer free onsite training also known as “lunch & learns”. With the support of our manufacturing partners, we can add value to your teams’ lunchtime. It is a great way to improve and educate your engineers and procurement team.

Manufacturing lunch and learn presentation

Locke-Brothers is an independent sales rep organization. That means we are an experienced and professional sales group that specializes in custom metal and plastic components. We represent a premier group of amazing manufacturing companies primarily located in the Midwest. Each of our partners are experts in their dedicated field.

We understand that most of your engineers learned about this process in school or through on the job training; however, in most cases, it was taught at a high level. We offer a deeper dive and showcase real life examples that will definitely help your next project be more successful.

These training sessions can be tailored to your team’s needs. Examples can include:

  • Part design tips

  • Cost saving ideas

  • Ways to extend tool life

  • Working with design limitations

  • Things to avoid in your design

  • Ways to eliminate/minimize costly secondary operations

  • Material suggestion

  • Material improvement suggestions

  • Cost effective material options

  • Material options for specific applications or environments

  • Process knowledge

  • Showcase of some of our custom processes

  • Better understanding of cost drivers and how to eliminate them

Many of our customers bring parts or drawings in for review and suggestions. The topics are limitless and we are open to any discussions that will eliminate costs and increase your productivity.


We understand everyone is busy these days, but everyone has lunch, and the return on the time investment is significant. Your engineering team will walk away with tools to better perform at their job.

One of our goals at Locke-Brothers is to build long lasting relationships. Your technical team will meet our technical partners and build a stronger relationship for the future.

Reach out to Robb or Ryan to discuss setting up an onsite training “lunch and learn”.


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