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Full Service Metal Forming Solutions

Company Overview

Locke-Brothers partners with Midwest Wire Products (aka. “MWP”), a full-service wire forming company, established in 1969. MWP specializes in the production of custom wireforms and stampings. They are located on the Door County peninsula of Wisconsin and are a non-union family owned company.

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They have a broad, flexible range of manufacturing capabilities that enable them to produce a wide range of wireform components. Their hand bending equipment can bend your prototype samples in their prototype lab within record turn-around time. They can help finalize a design utilizing in-house engineers, which will help analyze your product and develop the most cost effective manufacturing solution.

Coupled with Engineering support, Midwest Wire has an in-house tooling, cost efficient inventory control, and a prototype department focused on producing samples quickly. Their CNC bending equipment is perfect for low to mid volume. Their four slide equipment is efficient for the high volume project. MWP’s goal is to provide a wide range of capabilities including the ability to work with very heavy wire, broaching and cold heading, wire forms, fourslide/multislide, and a wide variety of robotics welding options.


The team offers sophisticated forming technology, a dedicated QC department utilizing precision measuring equipment and tracking methods for assurance of accuracy, economy through volume purchasing and manufacturing efficients and a commitment to service and delivery.


Their full range of manufacturing capabilities include straightening and cutting wire, complex bending, resistance, automatic, heli-arc and arc welding, fourslide/multislide, assembly, stamping, threading, drilling, tapping, buffing, riveting, and more.

Midwest Wire Products has a mission to produce value and satisfaction.

CNC Bending

Midwest Wire has single or double head Computer Numerical Control (CNC) benders, for short or long runs, that can form wire .075” to .500” that are either coil or hopper fed. Set up and cycle times are minimized with our ability to download models directly to their CNC bender.


Fourslide/Multislide are mechanical forming machines that run efficiently to produce higher run quantities.  Flat stock and wire can be produced in a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials that can be formed.

  • Wire diameters from .060” to .500”

  • Wire feeds up to 40”

  • Strip width up to 1.125”, metal thickness from .015” to .1875”

  • Up to 6 ton press capability

Heavy Gauge Wire

Midwest Wire can form wire up to 1.25” in diameter and produce up to 10” of rolled threads on material up to 1.25” in diameter.

  • Straighten and Cut

  • Forming


Welding capabilities include having the ability to support low volume as well as high production volumes using the following welding processes.

  • MIG/TIG, Resistance, Robotic, Butt, Projection, and T-Welding


Midwest Wire can weld or hand assemble components including wire forms, stampings and other component parts. They design, produce and maintain their own weld jigs used to produce welded assemblies.


Midwest Wire offers a wide range of stamping capabilities. They design, produce and maintain many of their stamping tools with their in-house tooling department.


Midwest Wire offers the following machining capabilities:

  • Roll threads

  • Cut Threads

  • Drilling

  • Tapping

Broaching/Cold Heading/Swaging

These secondary wire form operations that can be very cost effective. Broaching can quickly remove material that might otherwise have to be slowly milled out. Cold heading can quickly create an “upset” in a length of wire that can provide the same function as a welded washer. Swaging can create a barrier to reduce movement.

  • Broaching up to five tons/36” stroke

  • Cold heading up ½” diameter material

  • Cold head “upset” may be located in almost any location

Midwest Wire Products Forming Capabilities

Example Parts

  • Shelves

  • Fan Guards

  • Levers 

  • Hooks

  • Flat Mesh Products

  • Concentric or spiral rings

  • Grill Components 

  • Baskets 

  • Handles

Value Added Processes



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In-House Tooling




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MWP is dedicated to helping cut production costs and improve quality throughout the creative design and production of custom wireforms.  


Their capabilities are based on the use of sophisticated wire forming technology and equipment.  They offer a broad and flexible range of manufacturing capabilities enabling them to produce virtually any wireform part for any application.

Quality is vital in any manufacturing environment, particularly OEM production in which compatibility with other components is essential. MWP dedicated QC department utilizes sophisticated measuring equipment and tracking methods. 

Additionally, their skilled production team exercises quality control at each step of the manufacturing process to insure product consistency. Quality means more than producing a superior product, MWP and Locke-Brothers are serious about service and reliability.

Customer Satisfaction

Locke-Brothers and Midwest Wire are passionate about customer experience and satisfaction.  If you are looking for a wireform and stamping assembly, we are here to help you!  Midwest Wire will process your blanket or KanBan orders and stock them on their shelves for you, allowing your parts to be delivered within days.

MWP’s focus is timely service. They have experienced estimators on their team to provide fast, accurate quotations and technical consultation. They have negotiated short lead times with their raw material supplies and are able to carry inventory, when necessary.  Their computer aided scheduling increases production efficiency.

Quality means more than producing a superior product, MWP and Locke-Brothers are serious about service and reliability. The partnership with Locke-Brothers and MWP is measured by the  quality of how well all our customers are serviced.


Midwest Wire Products provides quality products, on time, and to your print specifications. After representing them for 20+ years, and selling to fortune 500 companies and smaller manufacturers, I have not been involved with any type of quality issues. In today's busy and fast paced environment, that is the kind of supplier that I want to be involved with!

-Robb Tausend

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