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Gray Iron Castings

Medium to High-Volume Iron Castings

Company Overview

Locke-Brothers has partnered with OSCO Industries since 1983.  OSCO is a full-service gray iron casting company that was established in 1872 as the Ohio Stove Company, manufacturing coal and wood-burning stoves. Today, OSCO no longer produces cast iron stoves, however, they are a leader in the gray iron casting industry manufacturing medium to high-volume iron castings.


Osco combines a conservative and common sense business approach coupled with state-of-the-art equipment to keep their customers satisfied. Moreover, OSCO maintains a 4 week lead time, regardless of your production requirements.

Locke-Brothers has witnessed firsthand OSCO’s strong willingness to invest in new equipment to remain cutting edge and satisfy customers’ daily needs. In 2020, OSCO invested in four brand new Disamatic machines to update its aging equipment at all three of its Ohio plants.


Industries serviced by OSCO include, but are not limited to, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Automotive, Industrial Power Transmission, Pumps & Valves, and Heavy Equipment.


Locke-Brothers holds high respect for OSCO’s seasoned management staff that sustains hundreds of years of combined industry experience and knowledge.


OSCO provides our customers with stable and confident service. OSCO employees are in continuous training programs with areas of focus on casting defects, process improvement, and safety.


The team is knowledgeable in casting manufacturing technologies such as additive manufacturing and three-dimensional solidification modeling.


OSCO remains committed to process improvement by incorporating new and developing technologies.

OSCO Industries has three gray iron foundries: two green sand and one shell molding.  These three foundries can supply high, medium or low volume order requirements. 

Jackson Division

Iron Poured: Gray Iron, Grades G2500-G3000-G3500

  • (20) Shalco Shell Mold Machines (mold size 15 x 20)

Casting weight: Ranges up to 25 pounds.

Portsmouth Division

Iron Poured: Gray Iron, Grades G2500-G3000-G3500

  1. ​Osborn In-Liner (Flask Size 16 x 22)

  2. Hunter-10 (Mold Size 14 x 19)

  3. Disamatic D3 (Size A 19 x 23)

Casting weight: ranges up to 50 pounds.

Core Making
OSCO has 3 Disamatic Combi core machines, one Laempe (10) core machine

New Boston Division

Iron Poured:  Gray Iron, Grades G2500-G3000-G3500

  • (2) Disamatic D3 (Size A 19 x 23)

Casting weight: Ranges up to 50 pounds

Casting Design

OSCO utilizes 2D drawings or 3D models for customers. The engineering department has the equipment and experience to design everything you may need.

Prototype Castings

3D Printed Sand Molds

To make castings for prototypes, we use 3D printed sand. It's a lot faster and easier than traditional casting methods. OSCO can deliver on prototype samples in as little as 3 weeks.

Heat Treating

OSCO can anneal or stress relieve your castings with their heat treating furnace capability. This improves machinability and allows for improved performance in a variety of manufacturing processes because the material is less brittle:

  • Improved fabrication

    • ​Stress relief is done at temperatures between 550-650°C (1020-1200°F) without significantly lowering strength and hardness.

  • Improved machinability

    • ​Heating at temperatures between 700˚C (1290°F) and 760°C (1400°F) reduces the hardness for improved machinability.

    • Strong ability to meet customer specifications

Machining & Painting

Locke-Brothers and OSCO can be your Tier 1 supplier by teaming up with one of their machining or painting partners.

OSCO Casting Capabilities

Example Parts

  • Air conditioning 

  • Refrigeration

  • Automotive

  • Sump pumps 

  • Industrial Power Transmission Equipment

  • Small motors

Value Added Processes


In-House Core Making

noun_car painting_3537207.png

Painting/Plating/Heat Treating


Quick Prototypes


Casting Design / Engineering Support


iso logo alternative trademarks - do not

Osco utilizes the following machines for quality control and testing:

  • Vacuum Spectrometer ARL Metals Analyzer

  • Quik-Cup Metal Analysis

  • Coordinate Measuring Machine

  • CMM ARM With Laser Scanning Capability

  • Solidification Software

  • Sand And Metal Laboratories

  • CCD Spectrometer SpectroMAXx

  • Sand and Metal testing Laboratories

  • Mitutoya Model BHN-506 Coordinate Measuring Machine

  • Roamer Arm Laser scanner


OSCO Industries is ISO certified.  All parts are certified for casting dimensions to CAD file specifications in OSCO Industries quality control lab.

Customer Satisfaction

Locke-Brothers and OSCO put our customers first.  Reliability and customer service is our primary focus. OSCO commits to timeliness, consistency, and competitive pricing. Their three century history is proof of company strength and their continual strive for excellence. 

When we think about the key qualities that make OSCO’s customer service exceptional, it’s their commitment to a 4 week lead time.


Additionally, they assist in warehousing parts so they are readily available when our customers need them.  They are conservative, strong, and financially secure.


"OSCO is a family-owned and operated gray iron foundry. Customer service, quality, and on-time delivery are focal points for OSCO. Working with OSCO is like working with a friend. They take great pride in what they do and will put your needs first. It’s just who they are!"

- Robb Tausend

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