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Metal Stampings

Deep Drawn & Progressive Stamping

Company Overview

Locke-Brothers has partnered with Precision Stamping Products, Inc. (aka. “PSP”) since 2005.  PSP is a family owned, custom metal stamper with capabilities to produce, shape form, deep drawn parts, and assemblies.  PSP was established in 1919 and is located in Schiller Park, IL. 

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They have a 100,000 square foot facility and service a wide variety of customers in industries such as, Food Service, Transportation, Medical, Telecommunications, Heavy Equipment, Utility, Building/Construction Industries, Fluid Power, Lighting, and Railroad.
One of PSP main strengths is their wide-range of stamped part capabilities, such as simple pierce and blank parts, complicated formed parts and deep drawn housings.


PSP is exceptional at thinking dynamically and outside the box, while understanding Locke-Brothers customers’ needs.


Precision Stamping Products has the internal capabilities to produce a metal stamping from prototype volumes to EAU’s of one million.


They specialize in low-cost tooling, and higher volume progressive tooling, providing customers the ability to take a concept, to design, and ultimately to a quality finished product. PSP is quick and efficient in their processing of your parts.

Precision Stamping Products has extensive in-house stamping capabilities along with incredible partner relationships. They operate a combination of Mechanical and Hydraulic presses ranging from 50 to 1200 Tons.

Deep Drawn Stamping

A manufacturing process which forms flat & blank sheet metal into a variety of shapes and sizes.


The forming process is done by a series of punches. These punches can be performed together on one press, or performed individually on multiple presses.

Progressive Stamping

A manufacturing process that begins with the flat material from a large coil. The material is fed through a series of punches to form the part into its final shape.


This is a cost effective manufacturing process when you have higher volume requirements with multiple bends and forms.


In-house machining department to support their customer machining needs.

Assembly & Kitting

From putting together simple kits to building more complex tooling/fixtures we are experienced in supporting all of your needs. 

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Example Parts

  • Can Light Housings

  • Fire Extinguisher Components

  • Hand Dryer Housings

  • Railroad Components

  • Brackets

  • Food Trays

  • Utility Equipment

  • Medical Components

Value Added Processes

noun_car painting_3537207.png

Painting & Plating


Polish & Deburring


Tool & Die Design


Heat Treating


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Precision Stamping Products, Inc. maintains a high level of quality management systems. A part does not leave a PSP facility without all strict quality control guidelines being met. 


Customer Satisfaction

PSP is committed to quality, competitive pricing, and timely delivery.  They regularly maintain their equipment, and have an experienced & dedicated team to keep operations consistent while ensuring quality.  Locke-Brothers and PSP’s primary objective is to build relationships with our customers to develop repeat business, and identify new customer opportunities.


"PSP is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are successful."

-Ryan O'Leary


"When it comes to deep drawn stamped parts or high volume stampings, PSP has the capabilities, experience, integrity, quality, and equipment to service your needs."

- Robb Tausend

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