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Metal Fabrication

Laser, Turret, Brake Press, Welding

Company Overview

Locke-Brothers partners with Professional Fabrications, Inc. (aka. “Pro Fab” or “PFI”).  PFI was founded in 1995 by Terry Brusda and Bill Hoffmann.


They are a family owned and operated custom metal fabrication company in East-Central Wisconsin with 25+ years in business.


They offer design expertise, engineering support, and the latest in software capabilities and Fiber Optic laser equipment.


Locke-Brothers and PFI’s unique technical ideas and methods save customers both time and money. Professional Fabrications is often acknowledged with “Supplier of the Year Awards,” including the prestigious 2017 KI Supplier of the Year award.

PFI’s courteous and highly efficient operational staff includes multiple engineers with packaging/manufacturing and design degrees. They can accommodate any new or existing requirements you have to offer, from single prototype requirements to several thousand-part production runs.


We offer cost-saving suggestions and are focused on value-added activities. Pro Fab is capable of designing and building jigs and fixtures in house to save customers time and money.

Pro Fab runs a three-shift operation within a 40,000 sq. ft. modern facility and have highly trained personnel that are 100% capable of using our CNC fabricating equipment. Their engineers thoroughly ensure that processes and pricing are as efficient as possible. They work with a variety of state-of-the-art software and modern CNC “Smart Technology” equipment. This includes Solidworks, NCell nesting, AutoCad, Fabriwin, and Dr. Abe/31.

Pro Fab is also capable of handling any reverse engineering needs you may have.


They work with partnered suppliers to take care of all your turnkey needs, including plating, powder coating, wet paint, e-coating, heat treating, passivating, anodizing and machining.




Professional Fabrications has the capability to build a wide range of sheet metal fabrications from simple low volume cover plates and brackets to more sophisticated assemblies and weldments.

Pro Fab’s engineering team will offer design suggestions to help eliminate costs and improve the overall quality of the part.


Pro Fab will produce prototypes within a matter of days, and deliver production volume components within a matter of weeks after prototype approval!

Pro Fab has the ability to form any type of material that is offered in sheet stock from .010” thick to ¾” thick.


They take great pride in the aesthetics of their components where you will find smooth deburred edges, crisp holes, and clean parts that don't have residue from grease or oils.   


Most recently, in response to COVID-19, Professional Fabrications has multiple customized designs to support various industries as they safely reopen.

Laser Cutting

Pro Fab has automated Mitsubishi Fiber lasers, with a bed sizes of 60”x120”. These lasers are supported by a fully automated material handling system.

  • Mild Steel 1”

  • Aluminum ½”

  • Stainless Steel ½”

Turret Punching Equipment

Pro Fab has two Amada Turret Punches with bed sizes of 50”x144” each equipped with Wilson Tapping Tooling Technology

  • Mild Steel ¼”

  • Aluminum ¼”

  • Stainless Steel ⅛”


Pro Fab has eight press brakes to support all of your forming needs.  Many of them are capable of bending material up to 13’.  Our brake presses are equipped with Dr. Abe/3I bending program software.

  • 40-ton to 250-ton, 

  • Bed length from 4’ to 13’


Pro Fab is capable of welding various size parts utilizing the following welding technologies:

  • MIG/TIG, Resistance/Spot welding, Robotic welding, and Stud Welding

  • Welding: State Certified for AWS D1.1/1.1M: 2015 for Carbon Steel (1F)/(2F), (1G)/(2G)

PEM Inserting

Pro Fab has automation to quickly insert PEMS eliminating the need for expensive weld nuts and other costly secondary operations.​

Download Our Equipment list

Example Parts

  • Enclosure

  • Brackets

  • POS Displays

  • Housing

  • Telecommunications

  • Office Furniture

  • Electrical Distribution

  • Lawn and Garden

  • Agricultural

  • Emergency Truck Parts

Value Added Processes



noun_car painting_3537207.webp

Painting/Plating/ Anodizing


Quick Turn Prototyping





Professional Fabrications philosophy is FIRST TIME QUALITY to ensure that they manufacture your products to exact specifications and deliver them timely.


Each one of their highly trained personnel is responsible for quality assurance at each individual workstation. Quality is built into every operation.


The shop travelers and open communication between employees create a simplified method for operators to perform quality checks. Pro Fab is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Customer Satisfaction

Rest assured, that when you issue a purchase order with Locke-Brothers and Professional Fabrications prices are quoted, quality is expected, and delivery dates are satisfied. Our “can do” mentality and our commitment to customers is evident in how we stand behind our work and focus on exceeding customer expectations.

Pro Fab leads the industry in customer response time and can accommodate all types of prototypes and production lead-times.


This level of service is due to Pro Fab’s commitment to reinvesting into their company year after year, to better support their employees and customers. Pro Fab works with customers through both the design and production processes to make sure all of their needs are satisfied.


"Professional Fabrications is a family owned company started by two gentlemen that have known each other since college. Their culture is about teamwork, camaraderie and friendliness. That type of relationship and teamwork is something that we extend into our relationship with you. At Locke-Brothers we make you feel like family."

-Robb Tausend

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