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Precision Machining

Company Overview

Locke-Brothers has partnered with National Technologies  (aka. “NTI”) since 2004.  As a precision machining company established in 1959, NTI focuses on “Making it Better in America.”  They are a preferred supplier of precision machined components and assemblies for original equipment manufacturers worldwide. 


National Technologies has a climate controlled 120,000 square foot facility located in Milwaukee, WI. NTI’s team of world-class machinists, technicians, programmers, and engineers are committed to customer service.

Locke-Brothers and NTI currently serve a variety of industries, including: Medical, Engine Manufacturers, Power Generation, Electronics, Construction/Heavy Equipment, Energy, Fuel Systems, Food Service, Pneumatic, Aerospace, Recreational Equipment, and Consumer Products.

NTI is family owned and has been in business for three generations. NTI can run prototypes, low volume, and high volume production jobs.


At National Technologies, screw machining projects are quantity dependent.


For larger volume projects, they leverage multiple spindle machines which can handle bar diameters of 0.25 inch and up to 2.25 inches. For lower volume projects, they utilize Brown and Sharpe equipment.


National Technologies has a wide-range of precision machining capabilities as shown below:

Conventional Machining

  • 32 Machine New Britain and ACME Multi Spindle Screw Machines from 1/4” to 2 ¼” Bar Capacity

  • 21 Brown and Sharpe ultramatics Single Spindle Screw Machines from 1/16” to 2” Bar Capacity

  • In House Tool/Fixture Design Manufacturing

  • Extensive Secondary Equipment for Finishing

CNC Turning & Milling


  • 3 DMG MORI Multitasking Lathe with Y Axis, 3” Bar Capacity

  • 48 Haas and Hardinge CNC Turning Centers

  • 5 Hanwha CNC Swiss Lathe, 1-1/2” Bar Capacity


  • 24 Haas CNC Vertical Machining Centers including 3 - 5 axis CNC Mills

  • 1 Brother CNC Mill with Rotary Pallet Changer

CNC Automation

  • 1 Takamaz Auto Loading CNC Lathe

  • 1 Universal Robot UR 10 for unattended machining

Quality Control Equipment

  • 2 Hexagon Global Scanning CNC CMM

  • Sheffield Discovery CNC CMM

  • Visual Fair PPAP Software

  • Oasis Optical Inspection System

  • ScienceScope Millipore Testing System

  • Ramco Ultrasonic Parts Washer

  • Hexagon Romer Absolute Arm

Part Geometry & Engineering Software

  • From low / prototype to high / production volumes

  • Cellular Manufacturing for increased efficiency

  • Hard Turning

  • Turning: Up to 5” Bar Capacity & 15” Chucking

  • Milling: Max Length: 48”, Bed Travel: 30” x 16” Height: 20”

  • GibbsCAM CAD/CAM and Solidworks

NTI Part Examples

  • Agricultural Machinery

  • Engine Components

  • Medical Devices

  • Fuel Systems

  • Power Generation

Value Added Processes


In-House Tooling

noun_car painting_3537207.png



Heat Treating

noun_angle grinder_2969758.png



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National Technologies guarantees quality. They have a disciplined approach and ensure a consistent quality product.  


For each machining sequence, operators complete a formal start-up report to ensure understanding in their part of the process and subsequent processing relevant to their operation. This report improves material flow and eliminates operator error.

Identification documents are attached to all parts and lots ensuring complete traceability. Each part is sampled by ASQ-certified inspectors. If the part doesn’t pass AQL criteria (C=0 1.0 AQL), it doesn’t leave the facility.

Parts to Print - Guaranteed

National Technologies’ quality process includes:

  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) level I-V  

  • Four Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM’s) 

  • Micro Vue Vision Inspection equipment  

  • Lean Manufacturing  

  • Six-Sigma deployed  

  • Zero defect culture  

  • Extensive gauging and inspection equipment

Customer Satisfaction

Locke-Brothers and National Technologies integrate and coordinate their people, systems, and equipment to work within our customers’ supply chain process.


NTI has a premier ERP system that integrates all aspects of their business by enabling them to instantly access information, analyze data for further improvement, and forecast trends to stay ahead of the competition.


NTI is fully equipped and experienced to offer a variety of inventory management options, including EDI, Blanket Orders with multiple releases, KanBan, JIT, and Expedited / Rush Orders. Many of the parts produced are complex with tight tolerances and high surface finishes. National Technologies understands the need for proper packaging to ensure the parts arrive at their destination unharmed.


“Whether you're looking for a few hundred parts or millions, National Technologies can support all your machining needs.” 

-Ryan O'Leary

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