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Locke-Brothers, Inc

Locke-Brothers Inc. is a full-service Manufacturing Sales Representative group that specializes in custom metal and plastic components. We help bring an Engineer’s design to life by guiding your parts to the very best manufacturing process. We offer unbiased and free consulting when it comes to selecting a manufacturing process and improving a part design.

Our mission is not to be the cheapest, but rather the best-valued option. We work hard to exceed our customers’ expectations and strive to satisfy their goals by offering the finest quality in production, competitive pricing, and on-time delivery. If you are looking for a long-term partner, who focuses on your company’s best interest, Locke-Brothers is your best choice!

Our Typical Process Flow

Upon receiving your RFQ, geometry, material, and quantities are reviewed to narrow down which manufacturing process is best suited for your design. Locke-Brothers will then communicate this information to our domestic manufacturing principals to obtain a quotation.  All of our quotes will include tooling, piece price, the material quoted, and lead times.

Upon acceptance of our quotation, drawings are verified, PO’s are cross referenced with the quotes, and the parts are scheduled into our production process. In some cases, an APQP meeting will occur. Upon tooling completion, If required, 1st article samples are provided for your approval.


If required, PPAP are provided to the level you request. After sample approval, production will begin. Locke-Brothers will monitor production, and communicate updates to assure that parts are delivered as promised!


The Locke-Brothers' Difference

Locke-Brothers' mission is to have a world-class reputation in the manufacturing marketplace by sustaining a strong relationship with our customers and manufacturing partners. Honesty, integrity, and reliability continue to be the keys to our mutual success.

World Class Suppliers

As Manufacturing Representatives, Locke-Brothers takes great pride in bringing world-class manufacturing partners to our customers. “World Class” represents offering our customers competitive prices, on-time delivery, and quality components.

“World Class” is also defined as partnering with manufacturing companies that have well-maintained equipment, clean facilities, strong support staff, top-quality engineers, and a premier customer experience focus.  Locke-Brothers and their manufacturing partners are continually educating our teams on process improvement and reinvesting capital in new technologies to better support our customer's ever-changing needs. 


"Locke-Brothers has the foundation of helping customers find the best manufacturing process for their design."

-Robb Tausend


"We strive to always meet our customers’ needs, and never fail to deliver results."

-Ryan O'Leary

Quotes From Our Customers

“Thanks Robb. I very much appreciate your responsiveness and driving results. I wish more of my reps were like you!”

- Joe G.  Fluid Handling Ind. 

"Hi Robb,
Thank you for your kind words and for driving us to National Tech. I certainly appreciate your support and insight. You bring a wealth of experience and it will be helpful as we strengthen the relationship with you and the vendors. I certainly enjoyed our conversation during the drive!
I look forward to continue working with you. See you tomorrow!"

- Kristen H

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