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About Us

Meet the Team


Robb Tausend

Robb has over 30 years of manufacturing sales experience. He understands the many processes of metal working.


Ryan O'Leary

Ryan has 20 years of manufacturing experience with a majority of it being in a sales role.


Lynnea Honson-Walsh

Lynnea has over 30 years in accounting and operations for various industries.  She understands the value of efficient operations, processes, and strategy.

Building Lasting Relationships Since 1970

Locke-Brothers was established in 1970 by Richard Wilkey with two manufacturing companies. They are Moline Forge and Shelmet Precision Casting Company.

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Today, Locke-Brothers provides solutions for many other different manufacturing processes while offering a relationship that will make you not only confident but comfortable with your partnering decision. Integrity is our foundation and transparency is our spoken language. Dedication, partnership, commitment, and relationship strength are our values.


Come join our over 50 years of manufacturing experience and allow us to help you find the best manufacturing process for your custom engineered design. Our focus is our mutual success.  We can build longevity together. Just ask our customer base of 250+ strong.


“A lot of companies manufacture parts. Anybody can go out and make an investment casting, or have sheet metal fabricated. Yet, that's not what determines success. It's what you do after the parts are made that counts. That's what creates lasting partnerships. That's what sets Locke-Brothers apart.”

-Robb Tausend

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