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Graphite Mold Casting

Company Overview

ALBCO is another recent partnership with Locke-Brothers in 2020. ALBCO is a non-ferrous foundry and machine shop based out of Lisbon Ohio. ALBCO Foundry and Machine is a premier non-ferrous sand and graphite permanent mold foundry of OEM and aftermarket replacement parts.


Founded in 1956, they have become one of the first and most notable pioneers in the graphite permanent mold process.

Locke-Brothers has witnessed ALBCO grow throughout the last several years.  They have added more than $1 million in new equipment including induction furnaces, sand preparation system, and modern handling equipment.


They are equipped with multiple CNC machines along with a strong knowledge of SolidWorks and MasterCam. Their mold department makes and maintains all tooling.

ALBCO consists of two unique foundries under one roof.  These unique combinations of processes and non-ferrous alloys allow the determination of the best mix with the ability to provide one casting and up to 30,000 castings per year.  One of the primary reasons Locke-Brothers partners with ALBCO is because of their unique and effective zinc casting process that delivers on our customers’ expectations.


ALBCO Foundry specializes in graphite permanent mold. This dynamic process allows for shorter lead times, precise cast tolerances, sharp detail, and superior surface finishing. 

Graphite Permanent Mold

This form of casting works best with zinc-aluminum (ZA) alloy, ZA12.

  • Offers superior design flexibility over traditional forms of casting

  • Provides cast-to-size accuracy that can greatly reduce or entirely eliminate the need for machining and secondary operations

  • The preferred choice over die casting due to lower quantities and lower tooling costs

Part Information

ALBCO can cast ZA-8 and ZA-12 with graphite permanent mold ranging from ounces upwards of 15 pounds. Sizes can be tailored to 10 inches wide by 15 inches long and as deep as four inches.

In-House Tooling

  • ALBCO has the in-house capabilities to produce exceptional quality and consistent graphite permanent mold tooling while saving you as much as 75% on tooling costs

  • A single mold can produce up to 25,000 castings. ALBCO stands by the strength and stability of our parts, and in the event they were to deteriorate, we will replace your components free of charge

Rapid Production

Utilizing premier manufacturing technologies and capabilities, ALBCO can rapidly produce your parts faster than anticipated. Providing you have the files ready to go, graphite permanent mold cast tooling can be available within five business days. The standard design cycle takes approximately three weeks to complete.

Why Use Graphite Molding?

  • Lower Tooling cost (Half of other casting methods)

  • Shorter Lead times

  • Greatly reduce secondary machining operations

  • Higher degree of dimensional accuracy and tolerances 

  • Bearing quality eliminating the need for pressed in bushing

Example Parts

  • Commercial Door Hardware

  • Surgical Table Bracket

  • Commercial Zero Turn Mower

  • Gear Box Enclosure

  • Commercial Lock Hardware 

  • Handles

  • High Voltage Switch

  • LED Light Enclosure

  • Medical Diagnostic Display Brackets

Value Added Processes


In-House Tooling



noun_car painting_3537207.png

Painting & Special Coatings




ALBCO is ISO compliant, and has passed a series of audits while consistently delivering high quality solutions. ALBCO is proactive and has remained relevant in its quality processes.  The ISO compliance demonstrates a commitment to provide superior products and services that meet the requirements of customers.  ALBCO’s gauges are calibrated manually and traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).
ALBCO has included a greater emphasis on leadership engagement and process improvement. They maintain a continuous improvement plan of casting quality, production efficiency, customer service, and on-time delivery while ensuring the safest and most efficient plant operations.

Customer Satisfaction

Locke-Brothers and ALBCO Foundry believe in an honest and open partnership to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our goal is to not only meet your needs but to exceed your expectations.  We focus on planning, attention to detail, and delivering proven results.  At the focal point of our partnership are competitive pricing and a customer-first perspective.


“This process is perfect for low volume zinc parts.  If you're looking at Zinc Die Casting, but the ROI on tooling is not there check out ALBCO.”

-Ryan O'Leary

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