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7 Benefits of Deep Drawn Stampings

When it comes to flat stock parts, you have a few different processing options to choose from. The three most popular processes are deep drawn stamping, progressive (aka prog) stamping, and sheet metal fabrications.

All three of the above noted processes are great options depending on your part's requirements:

  • Part Geometry

  • Yearly Usage (EAU)

  • Product life - How many years will the part be in production

  • Application - What type of environment will the part be in

The team at Locke-Brothers is here to help you select the best possible process for your parts based on the above mentioned criteria.

This blog will solely focus on the deep drawn stamping process and the benefits that this manufacturing process offers.

7 Benefits of Deep Drawn Stampings

  • High Accuracy - With a properly designed and built stamping tools, deep drawn stamping parts are very repeatable and dependable.

  • High Speed - The deep drawn stamping process is usually always faster than other sheet metal processing options.

  • Cost Effectiveness - Because of its quick cycle time and accuracy, deep drawn stamping offers a very cost-effective way to produce most parts.

  • Seamless Parts - Deep drawn parts are produced from a single blank of material and can produce cylinders with no joined edges or seams.

  • Large production volumes - Because of the quick cycle time, the deep drawn stamping process is ideal for larger production volumes.

  • Less operations required - Generally with deep drawn stamped parts there there is no need for secondary cutting, assembly, or welding.

  • Fully Automated - For higher volume parts, we can fully automate the process. This not only improves overall cost, but this can help improve the overall part quality as well.

While some deep drawn stamped parts are ready to be used in their raw stamped form, some parts require secondary operations.

Here are some great secondary operations to take your part to the next level when needed.

  • CNC Machining - Drilling and Taping

  • Embossing/Marking

  • Coining

  • Trimming

  • Necking

  • Hole Piercing

  • Finishing

  • Powder Coating

  • Wet Paint, Platting

  • Anodizing

For your next stamping project, reach out to Locke-Brothers. Our dedicated engineers will guide the part to the best possible process.

Locke-Brothers’ Choice for Deep Drawn Stampings:

Locke-Brothers has partnered with Precision Stamping Products, Inc. (aka. “PSP”) since 2005. PSP is a family owned, custom metal stamper with capabilities to produce, shape form, deep drawn parts, and assemblies. PSP was established in 1919 and is located in Schiller Park, IL.


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