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Investing in Technology to Make Us Better

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Professional Fabrications (PFI), a long time partner with Locke-Brothers, is always investing in advanced technology to help improve processes and offer better parts to our customers.

As you can imagine being a custom sheet metal fabrication shop, Profab measures a lot of different parts on a daily basis. This used to be a very expensive and time-consuming process, but with the advancement in technology, we have been able to drastically cut our inspection time down to a bare minimum.

Prior to running production, the first piece must be fully inspected and signed off every time. 11 years ago, it would have taken one of our inspectors or operators a minimum of 9 minutes to fully inspect these particular parts.

About 10 years ago Profab purchased a LaserQC machine. What is a LaserQC machine? It is a 2D measure device that can measure a part quickly and at better accuracy than a human. Quality inspection time went from about 9 minutes to less than 2 minutes and eliminated the need for an operator; it also removed the possibility of missing a hole or possibly misreading a dimension with human error. Not only was this quicker, it was also more accurate.

Over the past decade there have been greater advancements in technology, and as a company ProFab is always looking at ways to be better.

About a year ago Profab purchased a machine called InspecVision. This machine has improved accuracy, as well as shortening the inspection time needed. For a part that used to take 9 minutes to inspect, inspection now takes 2 seconds.

Profab's InspecVison Machine

Why is this important to our customers and future customers?

As our partners add greater technology to their shop floors, we can offer a better product at a more affordable price to our customers.

New technology purchases give us the confidence to work faster and improve our efficiency. We need to make sure we are starting with a great part so in the end we can supply you with the perfect part every time.

Contact Robb or Ryan from Locke-Brothers for your next sheet metal project.


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