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Steel Forgings

Company Overview

Since 1970, Locke-Brothers and Moline Forge have partnered in supplying quality forgings to several long-standing customers.  Locke-Brothers partners with Moline Forge because of their commitment to support our customers needs and their focus on delivering a job done right.

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Moline was founded in 1915 in Moline, Illinois to support the war efforts of World War I by supplying Allied Forces artillery shell forgings.  By 1920, the business model transitioned from war to a job shop supporting domestic production mainly in the farm equipment market.

Today Moline Forge is a full service Steel Forging Manufacturer producing both carbon and alloy steel forging for a wide range of industries.  Locke-Brothers and Moline Forge will work closely with your team to help design the most cost effective solution for your application.


Locke-Brothers has seen steady growth with Moline Forge over the years as they have expanded their facility to 80,000+ square feet.


With this growth, Moline Forge has expanded their steel forgings production capabilities to better serve our wide-range of customers.


Locke-Brothers’ customers are always impressed by Moline Forge’s cutting edge forging equipment and plant capacity.  Over the last several years, their overall forging size has increased to a maximum of 85 pounds.

Moline Forge serves a quality-focused customer base in industries, including farm equipment, construction, oil and gas, off-highway equipment, railroad, drivetrain component, recreational vehicle, compressor, and conveyor system.

Moline Forge has the capability to supply closed-die forgings in many carbon steel alloys.  Heat treating, production machining and plating are done by our certified local partners.

They have several capabilities, from die design to finished product.  Locke-Brothers and Moline Forge are there for you to ensure your forging needs are satisfied.  Below you will find listings of Moline Forge’s part information and capabilities.

Part information:

  • Products from 5 – 85 lbs.

  • EAU Volumes from 500 – 5,000 per year

  • Maximum part diameter: 12”

  • Maximum part length: 36”

  • Hammer sizes: 3,000 – 10,000 lbs.

  • Carbon steel and alloy steel, up to 7” diameter raw material

Hammer Forging

Hammer Forging is a type of closed-die forging, which is the process of striking a preheated piece of metal with a large, fast-moving press, called a Hammer.  The metal is shaped in an impression die through multiple blows to achieve the desired shape.  A wide variety of components can be produced with superior strength and durability from the hammer forging process. 


All forgings are cleaned, deburred, and ground as necessary to remove rust, sharp corners, and edges from a part.  The forgings are delivered with a clean, uniform surface.  Parts can be further protected with a rust preventative or delivered in a bag that inhibits rust.


Coining is a process that allows tighter tolerances for specific applications by pressing a forged part to a particular dimension.

Mag Particle Inspection

MPI is a non-destructive testing method to locate surface defect on steel forgings.  This process is critical for some forgings that are machined and used for critical load bearing applications.

Example Parts

  • Caps

  • Rod Ends

  • Clevis

  • Hydraulic Cylinder Assemblies

  • Crank Shafts

  • Rocker Arms

  • Rasp Bars

  • Specialized tools (Wrench)

  • Shafts

  • Hooks

  • Sprockets/Gear Blanks

  • Plates

Value Added Processes


Precision Machining


Heat Treating



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Moline Forge’s quality assurance process allows for consistent product development and production to eliminate defects. Their quality assurance process offers an excellent guarantee that the product produced will be of a consistent high standard.


Moline Forge is used by demanding manufacturers in several different industries, including farm equipment, construction, oil and gas machinery (or "off-highway" machines), railroad products like drive trains for locomotives. In addition to their industry-leading manufacturing capabilities, the Moline Forge team is hyper-focused on ensuring every customer receives the best possible service they deserve.

Customer Satisfaction

Locke-Brothers in partnership with Moline Forge focuses on our customers. Our teams are responsive and committed to serving you in all of your forging needs. Together Moline Forge and Locke-Brothers work closely with our customers and vendors to ensure that the right inventory is on hand when it is needed. This allows for faster response and lower lead times.  We can manage your kanban or blanket order inventories to ship on time to reduce your need for in-house inventory.


“Moline Forge has been in business for 100+ years. Their forging experience is second to none. If you’re looking for a forging partner to win with, Moline Forge is that partner”

-Ryan O'Leary

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