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How to Make Your Plastic Parts Stand Out

The plastic injection molding process is very common, and a versatile process. So versatile, that part numbers, logos, and designs can be molded directly into parts which is great for company logo identification, part numbers, or even assembly directions.

There are several secondary processes that can help your ‘printing’ stand out. If you’re looking to have your logo, part number, or assembly instructions standout Locke-Brothers and ADMO have you covered.

Today we are going to showcase two secondary operations to help your part standout in the market.


Pad Printing (Tampography)

Pad Printing is an offset printing process that involves an image being transferred via a silicone pad onto a plastic suberate.

This is a secondary operation that occurs after the parts have been molded. Simply put, ADMO develops your desired design (logo, part number, name, etc...) which is designed to hold the ink to be printed on your plastic part.

Like a rubber stamp, the silicone pad is dipped into the ink reservoir. The pad is then stamped onto the part in the correct location on the part. Due to the flexibility of the silicone pad, this process can be added to both flat as well as curved surfaces.

Great Examples of Pad Printing:

  • Assembly directions

  • Part Numbers

  • Model Numbers

  • Logos

  • Safety instructions

  • Button numbers (TV remotes)

  • Recycling information


Hot Stamping (Foil Stamping)

Hot Stamping is a heat transfer printing method used to transfer pre-dried ink or foil onto a plastic part. This method is used to give your plastic part a more decorative appearance or help make particular feature standout.

Utilizing a stamping press, ADMO will transfer the foil onto your previously molded part. Not only does the foil feature sit proud on the part, but it can also be colorful. ADMO offers multiple colors if your logo calls for it.

Great Examples of Hot Stamping:

  • Logos

  • Model Numbers

  • Marketing Materials

  • Automotive parts

  • Power Tools

Locke-Brothers proudly partnered with ADMO, Inc. in 2019. ADMO is a privately held and family business, founded in 1977 and located in Elgin, Illinois.

ADMO has a wide-range of plastic injection molding and assembly capabilities, including pad printing, hot stamping, solvent and sonic bonding, sub assembly, chrome plating, and vacuum metalizing. Each of the 35 molding machines are able to run most all types of engineering and commodity grade thermoplastic materials. Have plastic injection molding needs? Let the team of Locke-Brothers and ADMO help.


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