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Lynnea Honson-Walsh

Lynnea has over 30 years in accounting and operations for various industries.  She understands the value of efficient operations, processes, and strategy.

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(847) 606-0831

About Lynnea

Lynnea loves operations in a company; she enjoys the satisfaction of making things run as efficiently as they can in a business environment.  As CFO at Locke-Brothers, her role is much broader than Finance, she manages all administrative and internal strategic operations. Lynnea’s goal is to make Locke-Brothers operate efficiently so that our clients and principals are satisfied with our services.

Lynnea has a Business Degree with a specialty in Management and Leadership from Judson University. She began her career at a national CPA firm, subsequently managed her own small business, and continued her career at a local machine tool dealer. As the finance and sales manager at the machine tool dealer, Lynnea learned a lot about customer’s manufacturing processes and equipment.


The transition to Locke-Brothers was a natural progression. As a previous business owner, Lynnea understands how important operations is to any company, and knows that quality drives organizational, client, and partner success.

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